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Come experience the beautiful history Indiana has to offer! See the iconic trail that has helped to connect our great nation, visit iconic sites…and grab some good food along the way.

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The History

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Indiana National Road Association is tremendously grateful to Hancock County Tourism and Indiana Automotive for their generous support of the Indiana National Road Driving Guide.  Through their support, thousands of individuals will have the joy of learning our history while supporting the many communities and businesses along the National Road!


This guide is designed to point out key historic sites and communities along Indiana’s section of the Historic National Road. You can start anywhere on the road, though it is arranged from east to west, and experience the historic and cultural assets that line Indiana’s Historic National Road today. Take a road trip with us over 200 years in the making!

The significance of the National Road’s history has been recognized several times. The Indiana Section of the Historic National Road was designated as State Scenic Byway in 1996. National Scenic Byway status followed in 1998 and “All-American” Road designation was achieved four years later in 2002 along with the routes in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois. This recognition was given for the road’s significant role in the westward expansion of the nation in the 1800s. We hope you can take some time to travel this historic route and experience the Road that Built the Nation.


Whether you’re looking to explore the road, or wish to contribute as a member/sponsor, there’s a number of ways you can take part in supporting Indiana’s National Road.

Drive the Road!

See a full list of locations/sites to visit along the way. Click here to learn more. 

INRA Memberships

We are a membership supported 501c3 non-profit and hope you will consider helping us preserve, protect, and promote the Historic National Road! 


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From county to county there’s a lot to see across Indiana. We’ve collected a list of some of the most iconic locations along the route. Take a look below to get more information.

INRA Interpretive Panels

In 2013 INRA dedicated 15 interpretive panels across the National Road in Indiana. These panels were placed at various points of interest across the route to highlight the history of Indiana’s National Road and the impact it had on the state’s development. These panels are meant to help tell the story of the National Road and enhance the journey. You can check out all 15 interpretive panels while touring Indiana’s Historic National Road. Please visit for the locations.

Get Involved

The Historic Indiana National Road corridor is really more like a unique community that’s 156 miles long, and a half mile wide. Communities along the Road (especially in rural areas) all benefit from the commerce and visitors that flow along the historic highway. The key to achieving success for this “community” is cooperation and engagement. We encourage people to get involved to make a difference, and help INRA in our Mission to Preserve, Protect, and Promote the Historic National Road Corridor across Indiana.

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